Scrolling is basically the perception of our brain ,which makes us think that the object is moving across either vertically or horizontally in an infinite world like in this 2D racing car game .

But actually , it is the movement of the background and object in the opposite direction creating a parallax effect. This effect is most prominent when the object is static and the opposing movement of the background gives the illusion of the object movement across.

This concept is used in computer graphics, television productions and film making.

ROSTRUM CAMERA : The Rostrum camera is used…

Using just body gestures to create artwork is really captivating .The combination of artwork created in p5.js and using the power of ml5.js PoseNet to make it gesture controlled,take a simple artwork to the next level.

This tutorial is inspired by Daniel Shiffman Hour of Code PoseNet tutorial .This tutorial provides the platform to build ,extremely interesting projects.It helped me come up with this idea .Hope you enjoy it.

Create a new project using p5.js Web Editor. The canvas size set to windowWidth and windowHeight and the background colour is 220 .

The interactivity of even the simplest of the art work always intrigued people of all age groups.

How the brain is deceived into the perception of the existence of a non-existing thing.

Holograms always intrigued the human mind. With the development of technology, it’s use is not only limited to gaming and films, it is even considered as an instructional and diagnostic tool in the field of medicine.

I came across this tutorials on YouTube by Power Point Spice ,where by using PowerPoint she has created her face appear as a hologram.That was really cool !!!.

Since you can make anything of your choice appear in a similar way, I have put all my effort to create a very simple sketch of mine to appear as a holographic image using p5.js…

Optical illusions are the fascinating way to explore the inner working of our brain’s perception of the world.In our final tutorial about illusions we will be creating the dynamic version of Kanizsa Illusion.

What is a Kanizsa Illusion ?

In this Illusion , the illusory contours gives the perception of shape .The shape seem to sit higher than the Pac-Man arcs forming it.This illusion was first discovered in 1955 by Gaetano Kanizsa , an Italian artist and psychologist. The physiological explanation according to Peterhans et al. (1986) is — The illusory completed contour can be explained by the action of end-stopped neurons in the visual cortex…

It’s a very mesmerising way to give a dynamic 2D texture to the 3D object . It can be simple sketch to a very sophisticated design pattern using simple programming in p5.js.

Create a new project using p5.js Web Editor. Functions are piece of code which take some input, process it and return an output. A new project in the p5js Web Editor has following two functions. The setup() function runs only once and draw() function runs in a loop. In setup() function a canvas of 400 pixels width and 400 pixels height is created. Canvas is an element in the browser window where we are going to draw our shapes.We will be using both functions.

We will start by making the swan by using bezier curves.These curves have anchor and…

This tutorial is about how to create the Moving Dot Illusion in p5.js .In Part1 and Part2 ,their was a discussion about ellipse(),line() and for loop.In this tutorial, we will use the function arc(),translate() and rotate() functions using the p5.js.

What is the Moving Dots Illusion?

In this Moving Dots Illusion ,the dots seems to move in a wave like motion,but in reality the dots are rotating on their place , just creating an illusion of wave motion.Here it how it looks.

Create a new project using p5.js Web Editor ,where you are provided with two functions, setup() and

In the previous tutorial, Ebbinghaus Illusion was created using ellipse function in p5.js. This tutorial is about how to create Scintillating Grid Illusion , using lines function in p5.js.

What is Scintillating Grid Illusion?

Scintillating Grid Illusion is a simultaneous lightness contrast illusion which was discovered by J. R. Bergen (1985). It is the improved version of Hermann grid.

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Doctor , artist ,designer and Computer Science Masterclass Speaker.I am an inquisitive person with a will to learn more.

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